Lighting Effects

hot tub lighting

on September 23, 2011 in Lifestyle

Spice up the mood with these enhancing light effects such as color changing LED lights and spinning crystal balls…sure to set the mood for that special occasion.

Relax with LED lighting packages that transform seating and pillow areas into your own personal multi-colored oasis. Lighted waterfalls soothe the senses and create the perfect intimate atmosphere no matter what your mood.

Illuminated grab bars, patented pillow jets, and lighted tiles add both an elegant look along with an element of safety when relaxing or swimming at night. Simply touch the lighting control button and choose from 8 distinctive colors or set it to slowly cycle from one color to the next.
ONLY ThermoSpas offers a hidden under the rail LED lighting system that gently washes the exterior cabinetry.

When the spa is not in use, the lighting creates a magnificent outdoor display. When in use, the
lighting provides safe entry to your spa that can be turned on and off
from inside or outside the spa


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