Jim and Lynette Share Their Thermospas Hot Tub Installation Experience

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on September 20, 2012 in Lifestyle

Don’t know what to expect during a Thermospas hot tub installation? Jim and Lynette walk us through step by step as they get their hot tub installed on their patio from the arrival on the flat bed, to the installation, to filling it up and jumping in!

Jim and Lynette Share Their Thermospas Installation Experience

Did you know that every Thermospas hot tub comes with free delivery and installation?


1. Thermospas Hot Tub Delivery – The delivery and installation process of our new Thermospas Concord 4-5 Person Spa.
2. These are pictures of our backyard before… and after the hot tub installation. Big difference! We’ve used our Thermospas every day since we got it (except for a few days when we are away).
3. Our Thermospas hot tub arrived on a flat bed.
4. The delivery men use a heavy-duty dolly tocarry the 900 lb. hot tub through our gate!
5. The process of positioning the hot tub includedleaving clearance space around all sides of thehot tub and shimming one side of the spa. We had our hot tub exactly where we wanted it, thanks to our free home site inspection.
6. Getting to know our new Hot Tub -The next part of our Thermospas hot tub installation was learning how it worked.
7. The first step was to remove the 2 outer side panels and cut through the styrofoam.
8. This was the only side that needed to be removed since this is where the motor and pumps are located.
9. The Thermospas delivery guy was an expert,and explained all the parts of our hot tub and how they worked.
10. We found out how easy it was to remove the side panels (its just a couple screws) and the panels are reversible!
11. The Thermospas delivery guy then went over chemicals, filters and the maintenance of our new Thermospas hot tub.
12. After getting some pointers from the Thermospas delivery guy, we filled up our tubwith 300 gallons of water and then checked the ph levels.
13. We were so excited about our new Thermospas hot tub, we didnt want to wait the 4 hours to get in, so it was a bit cold…
14. …But it was worth it!
15. Luxury Hot Tubs Made Affordable: www.thermospastest.info


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