Install a Hot Tub to Increase the Saleability of Your Home

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on October 27, 2011 in Lifestyle

Having trouble selling your home? Did you know that installing a hot tub may significantly increase your home’s attraction for buyers and become the selling point that seals the deal? In fact, when potential buyers have the choice between two similar properties, the likelihood of them buying your home instead of the other option increases significantly when there is the addition of a luxurious hot tub spa.

Hot tubs and spas are a home addition worth considering, especially if you live in a colder climate or area. Selling your home with an attractive, elegant hot tub or spa, in a colder part of the country can turn that home improvement into a big selling point for the seller and a big drawing point for the buyer.

Along with saleability, the peace, serenity and relaxing hydrotherapy that can be enjoyed while you are waiting for your home to get sold will be not only worth is financially, but also in de-stressing and keeping healthy. With warm soothing jet streams and massage therapy to help calm tension and stress, soothe aching muscles and promote health and relaxation after long work days, is a plus in any climate, at any time of year.

Preparing your home for sale already takes a good deal of work, de-cluttering, cleaning and showing off your home’s best features in a clean, spacious attractive environment is enhanced when a luxurious hot tub, spa or swim spa complements an outdoor deck. Most buyers are looking for a place they can settle in a call home for years ahead, and finding those little perks can make all the difference in the world for the discerning and smart buyer of today. They are looking to maximize their investment money in one of their important purchases, buying a home. The appeal, therapeutic and health benefits of a swim spa, or hot tub spa are so many that most homeowners will find it hard to turn down an offer like that.

With many baby-boomers making up the consumer market today, they represent a large segment of buyers in the market to purchase a home. Baby-boomers have specific needs for their age, health requirements, and tastes. All this means they’ll be drawn to home improvements that can match their criteria, carefully discerning when it comes to purchasing a property that best suits their need. It’s no wonder that most baby-boomers will be looking for a home that already has the right home additions that offer health and therapy benefits along with functionality and design. Homes with elegant hot tubs and spas fall into that category.

If you’re a homeowner considering selling your home, you might want to think about the addition of a new hot tub spa. Not only will it increase your home’s saleability, but while you wait for your home to sell, this key addition can add value to your life too. Your health and wellbeing can take a direct hit when you get under the pressures of everyday living, not to mention the particularly stressful times such as when you’re preparing your home for the real estate market. Having a hot tub, to increase its saleability and for you to relax and benefit from during the waiting process will help you to de-stress and keep you at your optimum health. What a great selling tool that is.


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