Hot tub romance for any couple: ThermoSpas Gemini makes it a dream come true

In this video, a prospective customer gets introduced to one of ThermoSpas two person hot tubs, the Gemini. It’s 81 inches long, and sits only 30 inches off of the ground. The hot tub is loaded with jets and you can sit deeply into the water. This hot tub acts as a perfect romantic getaway for any couple.

Ask anyone what comes to mind when they picture a hot tub and you’ll hear the word “romance” quite often. Hot tubs can be the perfect place for a little passion between you and your partner. The lighting and atmosphere is soothing and comfortable, so why not make it a place to have a little romantic time as well? Have towels handy. It sounds simple but towels are not just to dry off on when you get out of the hot tub. You and your partner’s hands will get wet and if you are eating or touching anything electrical you’ll want to make sure there’s a towel available to dry your hands on.

Add some candles. Candles not only smell nice, they provide great ambiance. Whether you’re indoors or outside, have some candles burning. You can dim the lights and enjoy the candlelight while soaking in the hot tub.

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