Health benefits of exercising in water: ThermoSpas swim spa and hot tub

Scott Haney from Better Connecticut visits the ThermoSpas factory in Wallingford, CT to review the ThermoSpas’ line of Exercises Spas and Swim Spas.

0:11 — Andy Tournas describes the deepest hot tub and spa in the world
ThermoSpas has created a hot tub that is four feet deep and is called the Aquacisor. The Aquacisor was designed for hot tub owners who want to do more than just soak in a hot tub. With the Aquacisor, you can jog in place, you can run in place, exercise in it, even row in it. It offers tremendous water jet power that works against you and forces you to work out. The Aquacisor was designed in consultation with an orthopedic surgeon and an occupational therapist so you can do any number of exercises, including physical therapy, within the hot tub and spa in an underwater environment to improve your health.

01:00 — Benefits to working out in water
Andy Tournas stresses that you don’t hurt your body and actually work out all the muscles; many cardiovascular studies support this.

01:23 — A first look at jogging inside a hot tub and spa — The Swim Spa
The Swim Spa will seat up to twelve people. The Swim Spa allows you to lift weights, including bench presses, to arm curls, to jogging, swimming, and its low-impact, so you can have fun without hurting yourself.

02:25 Exercise model Joe Valentino discusses his use of the ThermoSpas Swim Spa

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) features an informative article about the health benefits of water-based exercises:


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