Combating Stress and Depression by Being Proactive With Your Health

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on October 19, 2011 in Health


Considering the highly stressful world in which we live today, it’s no wonder why many doctors, healthcare professionals, and even psychologists are talking a lot about stress and the role it plays in illness. New studies help explain how stress inducers affect the complex bio-chemical, hormonal and neurological processes in our physical bodies and can cause harm.

University studies along with government and private research organizations are uncovering the hidden perspective on this phenomenon.

Indications reveal how environmental and emotional stress and pressure affect our physical body and the intricate brain-body connection.

Scientists at one University monitored the response of neurons in the brain and how they responded to scenes of war as opposed to scenes depicting happiness. The brains’ neurons responded to negative scenes within a quick .12 seconds of viewing, sending stimuli to the body of an immediate danger or threat.

Other studies link how stress activates the sympathetic nervous system’s flight-or-fight response. The Adrenal gland sitting atop of the kidneys releases cortisol, a chemical that can damage the hippocampus in the brain. In order to protect the brain during times of stress, the body sends an urgent signal that releases calming hormones to stop the Adrenal gland from pouring out cortisol. The protective hormones rush to the brain and quickly gather cortisol remnants in the hippocampus to take it back to the kidneys.

The condition of ‘chronic stress’ is caused when the metabolic equilibrium is upset which can easily lead to illness.

We experience this ongoing state of stress when the differing body chemicals that stimulate and tranquilize the brain cannot reach a proper internal balance.

Learn to Relax, De-stress, and Allow the Body to Heal

Did you know that engaging in an activity that brings relaxation actually produces a safer and quicker overall response than many drugs? How is this? Research uncovered that stress
can actually increase a drugs likelihood to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Although many drugs were developed assuming that they could not pass this barrier, research now shows that stress can alter that and produce negative neurological damage.

Combating life’s stresses through enjoyable activities with loved ones, friends, or in quiet meditation can be the ideal, natural way to relax and leave stress behind.

Enjoying a high quality home hydrotherapy system assists both body and mind to relax. When the body relaxes it naturally begins promoting circulation, blood pressure returns to normal levels, connective tissues soften and joints become flexible. As stresses are minimized, the ‘feel good’ hormones are activated, and the body’s natural mechanisms needed in healing can take. The immune system receives a boost, muscle pain and arthritic conditions are relieved, the body even begins detoxification, and a natural rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit begins.

High blood pressure, digestive disorders, insomnia, even psychological problems that activate depression and anxiety are all conditions brought on by stress. Stress affects more
than just the mental state, as we discovered it can cross bio-chemical barriers and break down our immune system responses, the only system our body has of fighting disease and repairing itself.

Water therapy using hydro-therapy hot tubs and spas is an important link to breaking the daily habits of stress. When stress is minimized through the tranquil, serene and pleasurable
experience of hydro-therapy, the body has a greater opportunity of releasing the necessary hormones, endorphins and immune system mechanisms that are needed for healing and repair.


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