Clean Your Jets: Hot Tub Jets and Line Maintenance

jet and line cleaning

on January 17, 2014 in Care & Maintenance

As diligent you might be with cleaning your hot tub’s water, the chemicals you use do not protect from bacterias and build up inside the hot tub’s jets’ plumbing lines. These are the hoses that send water from the pumps out to your jets to massage your muscles and relax your joints. These lines need a special cleaning procedure to keep them from contaminating your water and ensure your jets are giving the best possible stream.

Flushing your lines and cleaning your jets used to be a difficult procedure, but thanks to Thermospas Jet Line Cleaner, the process has become much simpler. By using Thermospas patented chemical cleaner before draining a hot tub, then using ThermoGloss and Thermospas Multi-Purpose Cleaner for your hot tub’s jets, you’ll have highly effective hot tub jets pumping clean and safe water.

First, you’ll want to use your Thermospas Jet Line Cleaner to flush out your lines*. This cleaner and more can easily be purchased at the Thermospas Online Store.

  • Start by removing your hot tub filter and cleaning separately. You can find out more about that here.
  • Before draining your hot tub, add the contents of the Thermospas Jet Line Cleaner to the water so it can begin its cleaning process.
  • Turn on pumps and run your jets at full power for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, turn off your pumps and let hot tub water sit for one hour
  • Again, turn your pumps on and let jets run for 15 minutes.
  • Drain your hot tub making sure to hose off the walls as it drains.

Using the Thermospas Jet Line Cleaner will effectively sanitize and clear out your hot tub’s lines. The Jet Line Cleaner dissolves dirts, soap, and bacteria that’s hidden from the hot tub’s main area. It also helps clean the jets and fittings that can discolor over time.

Once you’ve cleaned the jet lines, it’s time to clean your hot tub’s shell and jets to ensure the best possible performance. By using a combination of ThermoGloss and Thermospas Multi-Purpose Cleaner, you can keep your hot tub jets and shell looking pristine.

  • Start by allowing drained hot tub to dry.
  • Use Thermospas Multi-Purpose Cleaner to wash away and scum lines resting at the top of the (would be) water level. Use a rag to wipe away and scum around the jets as well.
  • Shake ThermoGloss well before using, then apply only to the shell’s surface. This helps create a hard, durable, protective coating on the shell that seals the surface and hides scratches in the acrylic.
  • Once dried, spray the Multi-Purpose cleaner on the shell and wipe clean. Use that rag to clear out any residue by the hot tub jets making sure they’re clean.

Once you have cleaned both shell and jets, you can refill your hot tub. Wait until the hot tub is filled up to run the jets once more. Then, you’re set to add your usual chemical balancers and start enjoying your hot tub again.

You should clean your jets and jet lines every 3 – 6 months depending on the amount of hot tub use and how often you’re draining your hot tub. If you have more questions about Thermospas Hot Tubs or any of our cleaning products, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.

*We do not recommend cleaning the jet pump lines when the temperature is near or below freezing.


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