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hot tub aromatherapy

on April 10, 2014 in Lifestyle

As we all know, hot tubs are a great tool for relaxing and relieving the stress of the day. A similar tool that can help clear your mind and reset your mood is aromatherapy. Combined, these two practices can leave you feeling refreshed and new every time you use them. So how do you become your own aromatherapist while employing the benefits of the hot tub? We’re here to help.

If you do not know, aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from various flowers, seeds, plants, roots, fruits, barks and wood, and other naturally found elements. These are complex oils that often cannot be reproduced outside of the element they come from. When used as either an oil massaged into the body, or inhaled through the nose, these oils can have a powerful effect for a person.

One way of thinking of aromatherapy is a tool to trigger memory and emotion that can help release stress. Smell is one of the strongest tools for memory. So when you smell certain essential oils, you can be brought back to pleasant thoughts that are either calming or stimulating.

Think of your favorite memories of summer: jasmine blooming against a picket fence, apple pie cooling on a window sill. Or winter and the holidays: pine and cedar burning in the fireplace, cinnamon sticks and cranberry aromas drifting from the kitchen. All of these smells can be used in aromatherapy and help trigger those fine memories. Your body then reacts and feels tranquility.

Certain aromas can trigger different moods as well:

Lavender is often associated with lifting moods and making a person happier. It’s a powerful aroma that’s settling yet uplifting.

Rosemary and peppermint often are used to boost energy with cognitive benefits to help memory and concentration.

Citrus-based oils such as lemon, and orange as well as chamomile can help relax a body and reduce anxiety.

How to Use Aromatherapy with Your Hot Tub

As you may have assumed, adding essential oils to your hot tub could have adverse effects with the chemicals and nature of your hot tub water. Fear not, ThermoSpas offers a collection of hot tub safe fragrances in our ThermoSpas store. These fragrances combine the power of aromatherapy along with adding natural botanicals that can help moisturize your skin while you relax in the hot tub. A great way to not only practice aromatherapy, but to condition your body as well.

Consider adding Escape Elixirs White Musk Vanilla Jasmine fragrance to your hot tub. This wonderful combination of scents and elixirs helps relieve muscle tension and stress while adding a moody atmosphere to your hot tub area. One of ThermoSpas’ favorite fragrances is the Escape Elixirs Lavender Palmarosa. Subtle yet relaxing, the mood-lifting lavender works well with the soft scent of rose. Of course there are plenty of other amazing fragrances to choose from. Fine one that works perfect for you.

For more questions on how aromatherapy can be combined with your hot tub experience, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


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