Aquatic Series Hot Tubs

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ThermoSpas line of fully equipped Aquatic Series spas have been designed to offer the best of both worlds: serious hydrotherapy and completely relaxed social contact. The Aquatic Series spas provide enough room for you to appreciate as a comfortable location for everyday conversations or as an exotic spot for special get-togethers.

Maui 3-Person Aquatic Series Hot Tub

The Maui was engineered to be the most beautiful hot tub in the world that can easily pass through a standard exterior door. Both seating areas are uniquely designed for comfort along with positioning the user deep within the water. Though compact in size the Maui offers all the features traditionally available in a full size spa. The elegant appearance of the exterior cabinet with perimeter top rail mimics the look and feel of fine furniture but requires no maintenance. All walls and base include a full insulation and soundproofing package making the Maui especially quiet and energy efficient.

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Islander 4-Person Aquatic Series Hot Tub

We don’t think there exists a better 4-person hot tub than the Islander. This spa is not only beautiful to behold but it’s filled with special features and designed to make each time you use it an exhilarating experience. Each seat has its own purpose; its own massage characteristics so depending on the therapy you choose on any particular day the Islander will be able to meet those needs and then some.

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Dolphin 5-Person Aquatic Series Hot Tub

If Michelangelo designed a spa, the Dolphin would be his masterpiece. Sculptured seating areas and unique jet technology provide comfort and therapy as never before. Patented control valves, hidden pillow jets, a luxurious bubbling system, and incredible stereo sound are all available to provide a perfect spa experience.

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