A Testament to ThermoSpas Insulation

Dear Thermospas,The area where we live, northwest Missouri, was devastated by the worst ice storm in memory this early December. Electrical service was knocked out to every residence and business in our county, as well as several adjoining counties. Electric crews made a heroic effort, but damage was so extensive that our power was not restored for seven and one-half days.

<br /><br />Our Thermospa sits on an exposed deck outside the bedroom. During the seven days when the power was off, the daytime temperature never rose above the twenties. At night, the temperature often dipped to near zero. Let me repeat that, seven days with temperatures averaging at about twelve degrees. With no electricity, there was no heater, no pumps, and no way to circulate the water in the plumbing under the spa.<br /><br />We had resigned ourselves to the fact that the spa would have extensive damage and hoped that our homeowner’s insurance would at least help with the cost of repairs or replacement. In fact, our gas furnace had also quit during this crisis and we made tentative plans to use the settlement for the spa to offset the cost of furnace replacement.<br /><br />When the power was restored, we were shocked to discover that the spa was still functioning! We thought that surely small leaks would become apparent as time passed. But to our surprise, the insulation around the Thermospa was so efficient, that there was no damage, whatsoever! I can’t express how impressed we have been. Thermospa makes some big claims about their insulation, but seeing is believing!<br /><br />Thank you for such a great product. And, it turned out that the furnace only required a $100.00 part, so it was easily fixed, too. No insurance settlement required.<br /><br />Thanks, again.<br /><br />Susan L. Groom

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