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    Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

    ThermoInsulation and ThermoSpas Co-Generated Heat combined enable ThermoSpas to be the most energy efficient and quietest operating hot tubs.

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    Quality Hot Tub Heaters & Pumps

    Our titanium heaters and high capacity pumps are nothing like what is found in the competition. They outlast and out perform every other manufacturer...

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    Why ThermoSpas?

    We construct, assemble and sell our hot tubs directly to you. The highest quality hot tubs sold factory direct so you save money.

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    Pure elegance.

    Thermospas has some of the sexiest hot tubs and swim spas that are fully customized to your budget and needs. Our new interior and exterior lighting ...

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    Hot tubs that last.

    The shell is most important component in a hot tub. That is why ThermoSpas has the highest quality shells, and the highest standards when it comes to...

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    More Jets = More Control

    No other manufacturer offers more jets, more power and more pumps! We offer the widest variety of hot tub jets of any spa manufacturer; and no one el...

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